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Leon Applebaum

Sahaj Glass Studio

Applebaum 4.jpg

11479 Davis Road

Prattsburgh, NY 14873



Also showing: Eli Applebaum

The journey of working with glass has been my teacher since 1967 in Toledo, Ohio. I enjoy the meditation of blowing glass and the creative challenge of design and execution of my sculptures.


In my blown glass work, I explore visual dimensions of massive glass and reflective interiors. I try to bring out the pure beauty of the essence of glass in my designs using transparent color and trapped air bubbles that captivate the fluidity of molten glass.


I shape and texture the molten material with hand tools to create an optically transformed piece. Another approach I take is to cut, engrave, and assemble cold glass elements into contemporary sculptures playing with concepts of balance, multi-dimensions and transformation.

My work is about using cold working techniques on blown glass in order to refine my personal expression. I have experimented with simple details in glass to add extra refinement to the end result.  I have explored methods that break away from traditional techniques to discover a new and more organic expression.

Applebaum 4.jpg
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