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2022 Guest Artists

New to the Trail!


Geoffrey Gretton at Folk Art Guild Pottery studio

Ceramics and ceramic production have been a longstanding interest, especially in the incorporation of plants onto ceramic surfaces. I was intrigued by the resolution capability of clay, and the three-dimensional effects which could be achieved.


Informed by this process, and materials learned in past work, I devised a way to produce a variety of imagery on clay surfaces. This has resulted in some fun applications. I birdwatch with a fiber artist so I found myself making decorative pins and ornaments. My son has a business growing mushrooms, which led me to making logs with ceramic mushrooms. My interest in the geology of the Finger Lakes resulted in a topo map of the region. I also enjoy making race medals and pins for local fund-raising runs.

New to the Trail!

Eisenhower 1.jpg
Eisenhower 2.jpg

Ranse Eisenhower at Thomas MacAllister's studio


My interest in woodworking has been a lifelong passion, and I have made many different kinds of wooden items. My current enjoyment is finding interesting pieces of wood and turning them into bowls, mallets, kitchen tools, bud vases and whatever the wood shows me. I especially like spalted wood of many species and wood with knots and complex grain patterns. It is enjoyable to see what emerges. I look forward to showing my latest creations as a first year Guest Artist on the Naples Open Studio Trail


New to the Trail!

Carr bracelet.JPG
Carr loveseat.JPG

Benji Carr at Lauren Hirsh's Studio

The career was sparked in the late 1970's at the Naples Mill school of Arts and Crafts where my mother taught fabric art. To see the craftsmen and women making art was all it took for me to start the tool and knowledge collection. 45+ years later, I have a nice list of recurring clients and word of mouth following that keeps me crafting unique pieces for lovers of hand built works.


Trail Favorite!


Mark Stash at Scott Grove's studio

“I'm inspired when spending time in nature. Watching the sun come up while in the fall woods is almost a spiritual experience. Kayaking on a beautiful stream in the Adirondacks provokes a certain feeling of calm and well-being. Touring the western states and being awed by the grandeur of the mountains and open spaces is an awesome event. I try to communicate all of these feelings through my artwork.”

Trail Favorite!

Eli Applebaum blue vase.jpg
Eli Applebaum glasses.jpg

Eli Applebaum at Leon Applebaum's studio


My home in the Finger Lakes has been my source of inspiration for making blown glass; son of a glass maker, sailor of the lakes, skier of the snowy Bristol hills.  

The process of working with glass is all about flowing with attention to details of the moment working through

the transformation of the elements of fluid glass to make and shape a beautiful often functional object.

I raise my glass to this path.


New to the Trail!

Ward 3_edited.jpg
Ward board 1.jpg

Renee Ward at Chris Mays & Tracie Doerner's studio

I consider myself to be a multimedia artist specializing in carving/wood sculpture, live edge charcuterie boards, photography, painting and music. I have loved the out of doors throughout my life and spend most of the days appreciating the natural world around me. I try to reflect natural elements in all my work. My boards, tables and easels embrace the curves and imperfections of the trees they came from while highlighting the beauty within.


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