2020 Guest Artists

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Mike Griffin at Lauren Hirsh's studio


Mike Griffin’s passion for ceramics began when he was exposed to the great potters and artistic environment of Alfred University.  As a golf professional he found He had lots of time in the winter and taught himself how to throw pots by watching YouTube videos.  Through lots of trial and error and a few studio spaces he has been playing with clay for ten years.


Around Naples Mike is known best as the golf pro at Reservior Creek but his true passion is creating unique functional pieces in clay during the off season.  He finds balance in this duality but looks forward to retiring to be a full time potter!   His work is sold at a few galleries around the state. 



Mark Stash at Scott Grove's studio


“I'm inspired when spending time in nature. Watching the sun come up while in the fall woods is almost a spiritual experience. Kayaking on a beautiful stream in the Adirondacks provokes a certain feeling of calm and well-being. Touring the western states and being awed by the grandeur of the mountains and open spaces is an awesome event. I try to communicate all of these feelings through my artwork.”

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Joanne Schwallie at Scott Grove's studio

   Ravenwyne Mercantile



I believe that starting your day with something special can make all the difference, whether with a beautiful sunrise, a great cup of coffee, or a luxurious soap. So in 2015, I embraced my obsession of natural ingredients, a love of high quality luxury, and a desire to create beauty, and launched Ravenwyne Mercantile, the place for beautiful, handcrafted, vegan, bath and body products.


After many trials and errors I have perfected my recipes and create plant-based, skin-loving products that add that little luxury. I also add artistic touches: swirls and blocks of color, solid appliqués, and glittery flourishes, to make each piece unique and beautiful.


Some of my products have been created to represent the wonderful things Upstate New York has to offer. For example, my Wineberry and Rochester Lilac scents are a reflection of our gorgeous Finger Lakes Region, something our community is very proud of.  



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Joyce Martelli Lauren Hirsh's studio


Joyce Martelli is a fiber artist and lives in Rochester. Her mother was a quilter and a ceramist, so Joyce has been exposed to creativity since her birth. This constant exposure to color, patterns and painting led her into her passion. Her first path into the arts was through Music Education with a degree from the University of New Hampshire. In the 1990’s, she took her first traditional quilt class and quickly moved to designing abstract wall hangings using her own hand-dyed and painted fabrics. Although she does not have a “formal” degree in art, she has studied with many fiber artist over the years. She is now using her creations in wall hangings as well as book arts.


Her expression in art comes from deep inside where colors and designs go wild, and her music training supports her sense of flow and rhythm in each piece. Inspiration comes from her emotions at the time of creation or by just releasing her inner child. She loves creating and hopes that each piece may motivate or awaken the creative spirit in others.