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2023 Guest Artists

New for 2023!

A Moment Forgotten Seagren.jpg
Seagren 1.jpg

Lorie Seagren at Chris Mays & Tracie Doerner's studio

When traveling to new locations, I am motivated to photograph scenes that attract my attention and captivate my imagination. I never tire of revisiting places that I have photographed many times. Subjects that are familiar continue to present challenges as those places constantly evolve providing inspiration and excitement.


I believe that it is not necessary to travel to exotic, far away places to find images that are both compelling and intimate. A personal connection to a place may be far more appealing even irresistible.


Recently I have returned to painting using my photographs as references. I don't know if this would have happened if COVID hadn't required us to stay home for such an extended period of time.

New for 2023!

Ogden Grapes.jpg
Ogden Red Barn at Overlook.jpg

Lee Ogden at Lauren Hirsh's studio

Lee Ogden is an oil and acrylic painter born and based in beautiful Canandaigua, NY. 


Her love of the lake and gardening inspires her work, which focuses on lake images, rolling landscapes, and lots of flowers.  Lee is a real outdoor enthusiast and an accomplished gardener.  She enjoys “painting“ her yard though gardening with the use of colorful bushes and flowers.  She uses many of her own flowers and pond as subjects for her work and often takes pictures for future paintings while out walking her dogs.  She is also an avid golfer, hiker, and occasional skier. 


Lee is a dedicated painter with time in the studio to create beautiful
flower, landscapes, and Canandaigua images for all to enjoy.


Trail Favorite!

Trail Favorite!


Geoffrey Gretton at Folk Art Guild Pottery studio

Ceramics and ceramic production have been a longstanding interest, especially in the incorporation of plants onto ceramic surfaces. I was intrigued by the resolution capability of clay, and the three-dimensional effects which could be achieved.


Informed by this process, and materials learned in past work, I devised a way to produce a variety of imagery on clay surfaces. This has resulted in some fun applications. I birdwatch with a fiber artist so I found myself making decorative pins and ornaments. My son has a business growing mushrooms, which led me to making logs with ceramic mushrooms. My interest in the geology of the Finger Lakes resulted in a topo map of the region. I also enjoy making race medals and pins for local fund-raising runs.

Trail Favorite!

Blackwood 2023 houses on water.jpg
Blackwood 2023 snow water landscape.jpg

Peter Blackwood at Scott Grove's studio

Combining his love of the outdoors with a lifetime of learning photography has made Peter Blackwood a skilled artisan portraying the natural world. Born in upstate NY to parents who photographed both professionally and casually, Peter learned darkroom skills by the age of ten and has worked extensively in both black and white and color photography. Extending into the digital realm has extended the
skills into a broader range of art.


With frequent forays via foot and kayak locally and into New York's wilderness, the environments of the Finger Lakes and the Adirondack Mountains are depicted intimately and on a grand scale. Trips to Florida and the American West have added variety to locales photographed. Landscapes and flora and fauna come to life in the
images which capture those fleeting moments of beauty in nature.


Other images may be viewed at


Martelli City Streets.jpg
Martelli Handmade Dolls.jpg

Mark Stash at Scott Grove's studio

“I'm inspired when spending time in nature. Watching the sun come up while in the fall woods is almost a spiritual experience. Kayaking on a beautiful stream in the Adirondacks provokes a certain feeling of calm and well-being. Touring the western states and being awed by the grandeur of the mountains and open spaces is an awesome event. I try to communicate all of these feelings through my artwork.”

Trail Favorite!

Eli Applebaum blue vase.jpg
Eli Applebaum glasses.jpg

Eli Applebaum at Leon Applebaum's studio


My home in the Finger Lakes has been my source of inspiration for making blown glass; son of a glass maker, sailor of the lakes, skier of the snowy Bristol hills.  

The process of working with glass is all about flowing with attention to details of the moment working through

the transformation of the elements of fluid glass to make and shape a beautiful often functional object.

I raise my glass to this path.


Griffin One.jpg
Griffin Two.jpg

Mike Griffin at Lauren Hirsh's studio


In my work I like to explore the simplicity of form while maintaining the essence of functionality.  All my pieces start with a utilitarian look at the finished product when that is achieved. I like to add a whimsical, fun approach to its exterior.  My ultimate goal is for someone to want to use my pots as well as be able to put them on a shelf for viewing.


All of my pieces come from a love of the materials present and a very haphazard approach to forming.  The pieces have to be fun for me to make, if i can maintain that happy place i feel my pieces will forever continue to grow both functionally and artistically.  


Joyce Martelli at Lauren Hirsh's studio

I am an artist with a love of abstraction and boldness. Recently I have taken that love into creating 3-D forms such as artistic dolls and basket-like vessels.  Both of these art forms are developed strictly in the moment with no expectations of the completed piece. I incorporate items from nature and scraps to do my part in saving our natural resources. My favorite is driftwood found around Lake Ontario.


I have found it rewarding to create in fiber what I cannot always express in words.  May my creativity offer you a way toward understanding all that I feel!


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