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Albie Alliet

Grape Moments Studio

Albie Alliet - Vineyards at the Overlook.JPG

174 S. Main Street

Naples, New York 14512



Painting on canvas with acrylic media, using an oil painting technique, combines self expression along with reality. I find that anything that can tell us a story and stir our emotions has become my passion. Within the walls of my studio my mind is free to travel anywhere. Using vision along with my palette of colors and brushes the world around us comes to life on canvas. My traditional fine art paintings take you on a journey to old Europe, sailing the high seas, and visiting local landscapes. One of my greatest joys is having the opportunity creating commissioned works for clients where their personal memories come to life and are treasured for years to come.


Through the years I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to reach new levels of creation. My style of paintings is far reaching from traditional flat fine art, touches of abstract painting, along with development of 3-dimensional art. Sculpting each piece using terracotta clay, bound with mastic, along with acrylic colors, gives my canvases 3D realism. Today some of my paintings show a dimensional technique yet to be seen by many art lovers.

Albie At Work.jpg
Albie Alliet - Original Restful Flowers.JPG
Albie Alliet - Original Whale Back Light.JPG
Albie Alliet - Original Beach Rose Cottage.JPG
Albie Alliet - Oroginal Midnight Cafe.JPG
Albie Alliet - Original Squaw Island - Stormy waters.JPG
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