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Chris Mays & Tracie Doerner
Vine Valley Rustics

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834 Tuscany Lane   

Middlesex, NY 14507



Also showing: Renee Ward

Vine Valley Rustics is a small woodshop in the Finger Lakes area of NY. My girlfriend Tracie Doerner and I, Chris Mays, work together to build rustic furniture.


I've been told that our furniture designs would fit nicely in a rustic home, or backwoods cabin. That's exactly the feeling we want to convey with our work. We strive to recreate that natural element in each piece we build, whether through furniture or on canvas. Nature provides the inspiration and the materials built into every piece we create.


Prior to retirement, my career focused on computer controlled machining, robotics and automation. In consideration of my background focused on precision, the left brain/right brain challenge for me is to design and create a piece that, when finished, will combine an organic and whimsical rustic style with precise fitment and attention to detail.


Tracie earned a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from the University of Arizona, and has pursued and perfected her passion for art and creativity for many years. Her work has been featured at several galleries, both locally and nationally. Tracie's work has been on display several times at The Adirondack National Exhibition of American Watercolors, held at View gallery in Old Forge, NY. Her submission to the 2018 Central Adirondack Show at View earned her a 1st place award in the Master's Division. She recently earned the distinction of becoming a signature member of the Central New York Watercolor Society.


We have combined efforts on several shop projects, and I know that her talent and artistic eye will add more appeal to the final outcome. The addition of her art seems to take a stationary piece of furniture and turns it into a wilderness experience.


Our work is currently displayed and sold at several galleries in the Finger Lakes and the Adirondack areas.


We hope to see you on this year's Naples Open Studio Trail.

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