Chris Mays
Vine Valley Rustics

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834 Tuscany Lane   

Middlesex, NY 14507



Also showing: Tracie Doerner

Vine Valley Rustics is a woodshop here in the Finger Lakes, where I build rustic furniture. People often ask me, “ build log furniture?...” The answer is no, not really. I prefer to describe my work as a rustic style, with a more organic and artistic appeal. I often combine materials such as birch barks, burls, and various wood species for visual impact. My storage area is usually overflowing with birch and willow branches; root bases and slabs for tables; and an odd collection of assorted items that I've carried out of the woods. Ok, maybe I'm obsessed.

I spent half my life roaming the mountains of the New England states. Through my travels and adventures, I've met several zany and free-spirited artisans and some remarkable craftsmen, all of whom have inspired my creativity and instilled an appreciation for rustic furniture and art. In contrast, I have a technical background that is focused on precision. My left brain/right brain challenge is to design and create a piece that when finished, I combine a whimsical rustic style with precise fit and attention to detail. I hope to meet you on the Trail!

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