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Chris Mays & Tracie Doerner
Vine Valley Rustics

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834 Tuscany Lane   

Middlesex, NY 14507



Also showing: Tracie Doerner

Vine Valley Rustics is a woodshop where Chris Mays and Tracie Doerner build rustic furniture and more. His woodworking is the canvas upon which Tracie adds her painting; together they take a stationary piece of furniture and turn it into a wilderness experience. They also create separate works.


From Chris: People often ask me, “ build log furniture?” The answer is no, not really. I prefer to describe my work as a rustic style, with a more organic and artistic appeal. I often combine materials such as birch barks, burls, and various wood species for visual impact. My storage area is usually overflowing with birch and willow branches; root bases and slabs for tables; and an odd collection of assorted items that I've carried out of the woods.


I've spent half my life roaming the hills, trails, and mountains of the New England states, and met zany and free-spirited artisans and remarkable craftsmen, all of whom have inspired my creativity and instilled an appreciation for rustic furniture and art. With a professional background in computer-controlled machining, robotics and automation, my left-brain/right-brain challenge is to design and create a piece that combines an organic and whimsical rustic style with precise attention to detail.


From Tracie: I attended art school at the University of Arizona in Tucson; my concentration was in Graphic Design and Illustration. I currently work in Clinical Research, but my passion will always be my art.


​I paint mostly in watercolor and acrylic. My style is quite controlled, yet I strive to incorporate a looser touch which reflects a sense of limitless freedom. I reference images that I capture while spending time in the mountains. My paintings represent my love of nature and my gratitude for the simple things that make life profound.

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