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Linda Starkweather

Alchemy Studio


49 East Avenue

Naples, NY 14512



“My work is about play and experimentation - celebrating the delight of accident and mistake and allowing them to be a mentor. My life as an artist is guided by a process dedicated to discovering that which hides beneath the surface; concealment is revelation’s twin. I am most interested in exploring the subconscious and playing with suggestions of mass and volume in a way that gives the viewer enough hints to run with, but not so many as to leave nowhere to run (to know the circle by merely showing the curve).  I am constantly striving to include the political and the private - to express the landscape without and the landscape within.”


Linda Starkweather is a versatile artist working in several media. In addition to her paintings and jewelry, she is also a sculptor, painter, woodworker and theatre artist. Her work has been shown at the Carnegie Center for the Arts in Three Rivers, Michigan as well as the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, the Wood Library gallery space in Canandaigua and several art galleries in Michigan, Rhinebeck, NY and the Finger Lakes area. She has taught theatre at the high school and college level, is a working actor, director and designer in the Rochester NY area. Her one woman show, Traveling With A Broken Compass, premiered at the very first Rochester Fringe Festival in 2012.

L. Starkweather, Hand Wrought Silver & C
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