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Joan Mitchell

1421 Shay Road

Naples, New York 14512

The alpacas of Mitchell Meadows graze in their pastures on East Hill in Middlesex, and they turn grass and water into the finest of all fibers.


My wearable art starts with the care of these engaging animals. I grew up helping with my father’s sheep, so I have farming in my blood. My alpacas came first, and with the help of mentors and self study I have learned to spin and weave the fiber they provide into scarves, cowls and capes. Each of our alpacas provides a different color for my palette; my choice of weaving technique and patterns contribute to the texture of the final piece. The result is a warm, soft garment of classic form that is always stylish and will last through generations.

I have traveled and hiked throughout the East and West, but have always called the Finger Lakes my home. I am inspired by all of nature, I love my alpacas; I feel blessed to have found this avocation of weaving and sharing it with others.

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