Lauren Hirsh

Lauren Hirsh Custom Framing

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18 West Avenue   

Naples, NY 14512


Lauren Hirsh Custom Framing


Also showing: Mike Griffin, Joyce Martelli

After finishing art school with a degree in photography, I spent many years traveling, working on farms and growing my family. During that time I cultivated my love of plants and found a creative outlet in the garden. Once my children were in school I turned back to my art roots and my custom framing experience, and opened the doors to Lauren Hirsh Custom Framing.


After building the business and framing other people’s work for the last few years, I am finally finding time to create my own art. I draw inspiration from nature and motivation from the plethora of extra materials I have in my shop, often working on multiple projects at a time. Unique geometric wall hangings, shadowboxes and nature collage photography are a few things that have been on my table lately. I’m also excited about a collaboration of clay and weaving that I’m working on....and grateful for a studio space that allows me to explore and develop my artistic and creative expression.

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