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Lauren Hirsh

Lauren Hirsh Custom Framing

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18 West Avenue   

Naples, NY 14512


Lauren Hirsh Custom Framing


Also showing: Mike Griffin and Joyce Martelli

As an artist I draw inspiration from my time in nature, spurred on by the abundance of materials around me. From my frame shop, to explorations in my wood shop and diving into clay in the pottery studio I share with my husband, my work has evolved and synthesized. 


My early geometric wood art was informed by local barn quilts and mountain landscapes, created mostly with scraps from my Custom Frame Shop. Now I am adding clay tiles, seeking out reclaimed wood and adding bits and pieces of scavenged metal to my work. I am fascinated by combining all of these elements into mixed media wall art and installation pieces. I am also exploring more in the pottery studio, creating clay tile scenes along with vessels and bowls featuring weaving techniques all my own. I draw immense pleasure from knowing something I made finds a home and brings joy to the people who live there.

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