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Folk Art Guild Pottery


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Schliffer Carved Spodumene Covered Containers sm.jpg
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1445 Upper Hill Road

Middlesex, NY 14507


Also showing: Geoffrey Gretton

The Rochester Folk Art Guild Pottery will be presenting work of the  resident potters who live and work full time at the Guild.

We make functional work designed to enhance the quality of everyday life, for eating, drinking, gathering flowers, making tea and casseroles.
The work is primarily high fired stoneware, suitable for kitchen and table.
In addition, we make exquisite porcelain, carved and decorated, and a low fired, highly burnished earthenware, fired using sawdust as fuel.

The Guild has been producing pottery for over 50 years and has a rich tradition of pottery apprenticeships, learning from a master craftsperson.
Most all of the artisans live and work on site, and share the bounty of community living and a large organic farm and garden.

Schliffer Cut Fruit Bowls (600 x 450).jpg
Annie Schliffer carving.jpg
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