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Robin McCondichie

McCondichie Candid.jpg
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McCondichie Morphing.jpg
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6497 Powell Hill Road

Naples, NY 14512



Painting and drawing have always captured my interest, then….upon experimenting with pastels more than a decade ago, I was hooked. The immediacy and brilliance of the colors are magical. The layering of the material creates a vibrance unique to pastels. After years working with more traditional approaches of the medium, I now am exploring alternate methods of using the materials and ‘breaking’ some of the rules. This box is just opening! 


My art explores both outer and inner landscapes. The solitude and quiet of my surroundings in the Finger Lakes region of New York offer an unlimited resource of natural beauty to draw from. My abstract work reflects an inner landscape, inviting the viewer to bring something of themselves to the piece. Liminal space has become the focus of my question; how to visually capture this unknown.


I aim for my pastels to convey a sense of solitude, atmosphere, and balance - similar to the internal quiet and centering I experience while creating my art. Thank you for coming to see my work!

McCondichie Current.jpg
McCondichie Nordic Bay.jpg
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