Robin McCondichie

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6497 Powell Hill Road

Naples, NY 14512


After a lengthy history of working in oil paints and experiencing the need to find a fresh approach, I had an opportunity to try soft pastels. That was it!  Since that first encounter, eight years ago, pastels became my medium of choice. The immediacy, the vibrance and layering of color keeps me hooked.


Much of my imagery is derived from my surroundings in the Finger Lakes of New York. The solitude and quiet of these hills, fields, and creeks offer an unlimited resource of natural beauty. The drama of the early morning light as it touches the trees, the grasses, or the water particularly calls to me. I also enjoy ‘collecting’ resources from my travels, primarily as I visit family around the country.


It is my hope my work can touch on the qualities that the natural world so simply expresses. I aim for my pastels to convey a sense of solitude, atmosphere and balance - similar to the internal quiet and centering I experience when creating my art.


I also share my joy in creating through teaching art classes, primarily out of my studio.