Thomas MacAllister

Mac's Woods

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6295 Edson Road  

Naples, NY 14512


Mac's Woods


​​I retired. Everyone asks what do you do to keep yourself busy, but I’m always confused by that question because I have more projects than I could do in two lifetimes. I just turned 60 and have just now realized what I truly love to do: create with wood. I have 220 acres of hardwoods; I have my own sawmill; I have a shop full of tools; I have time.


Every morning I take a short walk from my house to my barn. I look around the barn for an interesting piece of wood. When I find one it usually tells me what it should be, maybe a bench or a table, maybe a picture frame. I just start creating and before I know it the day has flown past. I realized that it isn’t really work when you love what you do. My plan is to make something new and different every day.


I just started milling wood. There is nothing like cutting into a rotten old log and seeing a piece of nature’s artwork. As I travel through my woods I picture what is inside of an old twisted tree or what the log will look like quarter sawn. Trees that I have passed many times now have new meaning with my mill. I look at wood not as a commodity but as art. I look forward to sharing mine with you.

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