Thomas MacAllister

Mac's Woods

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6295 Edson Road  

Naples, NY 14512


Mac's Woods


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I live on 500 acres of forestland with my wife and daughter. The name “Mac’s Woods” has many different spins from the land itself, to the woods that I use to create stuff. I don’t really set out to make a specific item, but in the process of finding, felling, drying, milling, planning and sanding a tree, the end result becomes obvious.


There is nothing like cutting into a rotten old log and seeing a piece of nature’s artwork. As I travel through my woods, I picture what is inside an old twisted tree or what the log will look like quarter-sawn. Trees that I have passed many times now have new meaning with my mill. I look at wood not as a commodity but as art.


I produce all things wood. The style of my work is Rustic Contemporary. I use the natural beauty of the wood, knots and interesting textures, bug holes, spalting and anything else the tree offers me up. I mainly make benches and tables but also do picture frames, charcuterie boards, turnings and pretty much anything I stumble on. I enjoy using epoxy and wood hardeners to show the patina of the wood. Nature is the artist; I am just the messenger.

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