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Navigating the Trail with Your Smartphone

The expansive, scenic nature of the Naples region poses one problem for modern day visitors -- it's sometimes hard to get a signal if you're using your smartphone to guide you on the Trail.


Fortunately, with the help of the app and the Naples Open Studio Trail (NOST) KML file, you can navigate from studio to studio without an internet connection.


A few days BEFORE you go on the trail, follow these simple steps to get connected:


  1. Make sure your phone is plugged-in, and on Wifi (these steps will work best on your home WiFi, rather than on 3G or 4G). A high-speed connection is best.

  2. Install on your phone, then come back to the directions on this page (it's also available for BlackBerry).


  3. Start Here is the layout of the main screen:


  4. Go to the "hamburger menu" icon in the bottom right corner and select "Download Maps".


  5. Tap the blue plus button, search for "New York", select "New York - West", and select "Download map".

  6. Leave your phone unattended until download is complete. It can take 5-10 mins, depending on your connection.

  7. On your phone, download our 2016 Naples Open Studio Trail KML file. Here's a QR code you can scan:


  8. Open the KML file with (Try tapping on it from your list of downloads).

  9. Go to "Bookmark sets" under (it's the icon that looks like a bulleted list of stars, second icon from the right) and you'll see the Naples Open Studio Trail 2016 bookmarks listed.























You're all set! Here are some additional tips:

  • The green "Eye" icon next to "Naples Open Studio Trail 2016" in the Bookmark Sets list controls whether the artists will all appear on the map or not.

  • To see a list of the artists tap on "Naples Open Studio Trail 2016", then tap on the desired artist.

  • To navigate to an artist, select the artist from the list (or tap on them in the map) and then tap the "Route To" icon at the bottom center of the screen.


  • If you get stuck, check out the User's Guide.

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