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Robert & Beth Fladd

Fladd's Creative Stone

322 Gray Road

Rushville, NY 14544



​The use of stone and wood create both figurative sculpture and benches explore the connection of humanity with the natural world. Robert feels that one’s environment should contain artistic and creative elements which enhance life and our relationships with others.


Robert’s sculptures are created with wood, stone and recycled metal found in the area. His work reflects the natural forms inherent with in these materials. He often combines wood and stone, enjoying the interplay of the differences and similarities of materials, and attempts to discover the hidden life within these chosen materials that nature has provided.


The pastel drawings document Robert’s travel adventures throughout the years, and portray his love of nature.

He draws in a Plein Air style.


There is an eastern influence in Robert’s aesthetic which has been nurtured by the study of martial arts. These influences can be seen in the simplicity of design in his sculpture, pastel drawings, and furniture. The subjects range from figurative to abstract, and draw from the energy in the combination of materials mixing together as symbolism for the aspects of the human condition we encounter as we move through life.

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